Adult-Use Sales and Product Distribution

This safely regulated industry will contribute to the Commonwealth, local municipalities, and its citizens through economic development, job growth, and tax revenue. A healthy variety of marijuana establishments and product offerings will be critical to a vibrant marketplace that helps reduce the illicit market, provides statewide access, and generates revenue for key initiatives, including youth prevention campaigns and community reinvestment funds.
Adult use marijuana is subject to:
  • state sales tax: 6.25%
  • state excise tax 10.75%
  • local option for cities or towns: up to 3%
All licensed adult-use Marijuana Establishments must register and trace their products in the Commonwealth’s seed-to-sale tracking technology, Metrc. This dashboard provides a snapshot of aggregated sales data in Metrc, as of the date shown.
Additional datasets can be found in our Data Catalog.
Please note that all data is self-reported and adjusted for voided transactions. These datasets do not represent the Commonwealth’s tax earnings.

Calendar Year-To-Date Sales
Gross Sales Total Since Retailers Opened
Monthly average cost per 1 ounce of Adult-Use cannabis

Previous Week Adult-Use Sales
Previous Week Product Distribution 
Gross Sales Totals (by Custom Time Period)
Plant Activity and Volume
This chart represents total plants by status for the given date.